Sir Francis Bacon: Essays of Francis Bacon

60. A Glossary of Archaic Words and Phrases (continued)


Leese: lose

Let: hinder

Loose: shot

Lot: spell

Lurch: intercept

Make: profit, get

Manage: train

Mate: conquer

Material: business-like

Mere-stone: boundary stone

Muniting: fortifying

Nerve: sinew

Obnoxious: subservient, liable

Oes: round spangles

Pair: impair

Pardon: allowance

Passable: mediocre

Pine-apple-tree: pine

Plantation: colony

Platform: plan

Plausible: praiseworthy

Point device: excessively precise

Politic: politician

Poll: extort

Poser: examiner

Practice: plotting

Preoccupate: anticipate

Prest: prepared

Prick: plant

Proper: personal

Prospective: stereoscope

Proyne: prune

Purprise: enclosure

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