Joseph Conrad: Nostromo

3. CHAPTER THREE (continued)

"Do you hear what he says?" Charles Gould said in English to

"Forgive us our misery!" she exclaimed, hurriedly. "It is your
character that is the inexhaustible treasure which may save us
all yet; your character, Carlos, not your wealth. I entreat you
to give this man your word that you will accept any arrangement
my uncle may make with their chief. One word. He will want no

On the site of the roadside hut there remained nothing but an
enormous heap of embers, throwing afar a darkening red glow, in
which Antonia's face appeared deeply flushed with excitement.
Charles Gould, with only a short hesitation, pronounced the
required pledge. He was like a man who had ventured on a
precipitous path with no room to turn, where the only chance of
safety is to press forward. At that moment he understood it
thoroughly as he looked down at Don Jose stretched out, hardly
breathing, by the side of the erect Antonia, vanquished in a
lifelong struggle with the powers of moral darkness, whose
stagnant depths breed monstrous crimes and monstrous illusions.
In a few words the emissary from Hernandez expressed his complete
satisfaction. Stoically Antonia lowered her veil, resisting the
longing to inquire about Decoud's escape. But Ignacio leered
morosely over his shoulder.

"Take a good look at the mules, mi amo," he grumbled. "You shall
never see them again!"

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