William Shakespeare: Antony and Cleopatra

11. SCENE XI. Alexandria. A Room in the Palace.

[Enter ANTONY and attendants.]

Hark! the land bids me tread no more upon't;--
It is asham'd to bear me.--Friends, come hither:
I am so lated in the world that I
Have lost my way for ever:--I have a ship
Laden with gold; take that; divide it; fly,
And make your peace with Caesar.

Fly! Not we.

I have fled myself, and have instructed cowards
To run and show their shoulders.--Friends, be gone;
I have myself resolv'd upon a course
Which has no need of you; be gone;
My treasure's in the harbour, take it.--O,
I follow'd that I blush to look upon:
My very hairs do mutiny; for the white
Reprove the brown for rashness, and they them
For fear and doting.--Friends, be gone: you shall
Have letters from me to some friends that will
Sweep your way for you. Pray you, look not sad,
Nor make replies of loathness: take the hint
Which my despair proclaims; let that be left
Which leaves itself: to the sea-side straightway:
I will possess you of that ship and treasure.
Leave me, I pray, a little: pray you now:--
Nay, do so; for indeed I have lost command,
Therefore I pray you:--I'll see you by and by.

[Sits down.]

[Enter CLEOPATRA, led by CHARMIAN and IRAS, EROS following.]

Nay, gentle madam, to him!--comfort him.

Do, most dear queen.

Do! why, what else?

Let me sit down. O Juno!

No, no, no, no, no.

See you here, sir?

O, fie, fie, fie!


Madam, O good empress,--

Sir, sir,--

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