William Shakespeare: The Life of King Henry V

1. SCENE I. London. A street. (continued)

I shall have my eight shillings I won from you at betting?

A noble shalt thou have, and present pay;
And liquor likewise will I give to thee,
And friendship shall combine, and brotherhood.
I'll live by Nym, and Nym shall live by me.
Is not this just? For I shall sutler be
Unto the camp, and profits will accrue.
Give me thy hand.

I shall have my noble?

In cash most justly paid.

Well, then, that's the humour of't.

[Re-enter Hostess.]

As ever you come of women, come in quickly to Sir John.
Ah, poor heart! he is so shak'd of a burning quotidian tertian,
that it is most lamentable to behold. Sweet men, come to him.

The King hath run bad humours on the knight; that's the even
of it.

Nym, thou hast spoke the right.
His heart is fracted and corroborate.

The King is a good king; but it must be as it may; he
passes some humours and careers.

Let us condole the knight; for, lambkins, we will live.


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