William Shakespeare: The Life of King Henry V

3. SCENE III. The English camp.

[Enter Gloucester, Bedford, Exeter, Erpingham, with all his host:
Salisbury and Westmoreland.]

Where is the King?

The King himself is rode to view their battle.

Of fighting men they have full three-score thousand.

There's five to one; besides, they all are fresh.

God's arm strike with us! 'tis a fearful odds.
God be wi' you, princes all; I'll to my charge.
If we no more meet till we meet in heaven,
Then, joyfully, my noble Lord of Bedford,
My dear Lord Gloucester, and my good Lord Exeter,
And my kind kinsman, warriors all, adieu!

Farewell, good Salisbury, and good luck go with thee!

Farewell, kind lord; fight valiantly to-day!
And yet I do thee wrong to mind thee of it,
For thou art fram'd of the firm truth of valour.

[Exit Salisbury.]

He is as full of valour as of kindness,
Princely in both.

[Enter the King.]

O that we now had here
But one ten thousand of those men in England
That do no work to-day!

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