William Shakespeare: The Merry Wives of Windsor

SCENE 5. A room in the Garter Inn. (continued)

From the two parties, forsooth.

The devil take one party and his dam the other!
And so they shall be both bestowed. I have suffered more
for their sakes, more than the villainous inconstancy of
man's disposition is able to bear.

And have not they suffered? Yes, I warrant;
speciously one of them; Mistress Ford, good heart, is beaten
black and blue, that you cannot see a white spot about her.

What tellest thou me of black and blue? I was
beaten myself into all the colours of the rainbow; and
was like to be apprehended for the witch of Brainford. But
that my admirable dexterity of wit, my counterfeiting the
action of an old woman, delivered me, the knave constable
had set me i' the stocks, i' the common stocks, for a witch.

Sir, let me speak with you in your chamber; you
shall hear how things go, and, I warrant, to your content.
Here is a letter will say somewhat. Good hearts, what ado
here is to bring you together! Sure, one of you does not
serve heaven well, that you are so crossed.

Come up into my chamber.


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