William Shakespeare: The Life and Death of King Richard III

2. SCENE II. Before LORD HASTING'S house.

[Enter a MESSENGER.]

My lord, my lord!--

[Within.] Who knocks?

One from the Lord Stanley.

[Within.] What is't o'clock?

Upon the stroke of four.


Cannot my Lord Stanley sleep these tedious nights?

So it appears by that I have to say.
First, he commends him to your noble self.

What then?

Then certifies your lordship that this night
He dreamt the boar had razed off his helm:
Besides, he says there are two councils held;
And that may be determin'd at the one
Which may make you and him to rue at the other.
Therefore he sends to know your lordship's pleasure,--
If you will presently take horse with him,
And with all speed post with him toward the north,
To shun the danger that his soul divines.

Go, fellow, go, return unto thy lord;
Bid him not fear the separated councils:
His honour and myself are at the one,
And at the other is my good friend Catesby;
Where nothing can proceed that toucheth us
Whereof I shall not have intelligence.
Tell him his fears are shallow, without instance:
And for his dreams, I wonder he's so simple
To trust the mockery of unquiet slumbers:
To fly the boar before the boar pursues
Were to incense the boar to follow us,
And make pursuit where he did mean no chase.
Go, bid thy master rise and come to me;
And we will both together to the Tower,
Where, he shall see, the boar will use us kindly.

I'll go, my lord, and tell him what you say.


[Enter CATESBY.]

Many good morrows to my noble lord!

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