William Shakespeare: The Tragedy of King Lear

1. Scene I. A court within the Castle of the Earl of Gloster.

[Enter Edmund and Curan, meeting.]

Save thee, Curan.

And you, sir. I have been with your father, and given him
notice that the Duke of Cornwall and Regan his duchess will be
here with him this night.

How comes that?

Nay, I know not.--You have heard of the news abroad; I mean the
whispered ones, for they are yet but ear-kissing arguments?

Not I: pray you, what are they?

Have you heard of no likely wars toward, 'twixt the two dukes
of Cornwall and Albany?

Not a word.

You may do, then, in time. Fare you well, sir.


The Duke be here to-night? The better! best!
This weaves itself perforce into my business.
My father hath set guard to take my brother;
And I have one thing, of a queasy question,
Which I must act:--briefness and fortune work!--
Brother, a word!--descend:--brother, I say!

[Enter Edgar.]

My father watches:--sir, fly this place;
Intelligence is given where you are hid;
You have now the good advantage of the night.--
Have you not spoken 'gainst the Duke of Cornwall?
He's coming hither; now, i' the night, i' the haste,
And Regan with him: have you nothing said
Upon his party 'gainst the Duke of Albany?
Advise yourself.

I am sure on't, not a word.

I hear my father coming:--pardon me;
In cunning I must draw my sword upon you:--
Draw: seem to defend yourself: now quit you well.--
Yield:--come before my father.--Light, ho, here!
Fly, brother.--Torches, torches!--So farewell.

[Exit Edgar.]

Some blood drawn on me would beget opinion
Of my more fierce endeavour: [Wounds his arm.]
I have seen drunkards
Do more than this in sport.--Father, father!
Stop, stop! No help?

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