William Shakespeare: The Tragedy of King Lear

7. Scene VII. A Room in Gloster's Castle.

[Enter Cornwall, Regan, Goneril, Edmund, and Servants.]

Post speedily to my lord your husband, show him this letter:--
the army of France is landed.--Seek out the traitor Gloster.

[Exeunt some of the Servants.]

Hang him instantly.

Pluck out his eyes.

Leave him to my displeasure.--Edmund, keep you our sister
company: the revenges we are bound to take upon your traitorous
father are not fit for your beholding. Advise the duke where you
are going, to a most festinate preparation: we are bound to the
like. Our posts shall be swift and intelligent betwixt us.
Farewell, dear sister:--farewell, my lord of Gloster.

[Enter Oswald.]

How now! Where's the king?

My lord of Gloster hath convey'd him hence:
Some five or six and thirty of his knights,
Hot questrists after him, met him at gate;
Who, with some other of the lord's dependants,
Are gone with him towards Dover: where they boast
To have well-armed friends.

Get horses for your mistress.

Farewell, sweet lord, and sister.

Edmund, farewell.

[Exeunt Goneril, Edmund, and Oswald.]

Go seek the traitor Gloster,
Pinion him like a thief, bring him before us.

[Exeunt other Servants.]

Though well we may not pass upon his life
Without the form of justice, yet our power
Shall do a courtesy to our wrath, which men
May blame, but not control.--Who's there? the traitor?

[Re-enter servants, with Gloster.]

Ingrateful fox! 'tis he.

Bind fast his corky arms.

What mean your graces?--Good my friends, consider
You are my guests: do me no foul play, friends.

Bind him, I say.

[Servants bind him.]

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