William Shakespeare: The Tragedy of King Lear

1. Scene I. The Camp of the British Forces near Dover.

[Enter, with drum and colours, Edmund, Regan, Officers, Soldiers,
and others.]

Know of the duke if his last purpose hold,
Or whether since he is advis'd by aught
To change the course: he's full of alteration
And self-reproving:--bring his constant pleasure.

[To an Officer, who goes out.]

Our sister's man is certainly miscarried.

Tis to be doubted, madam.

Now, sweet lord,
You know the goodness I intend upon you:
Tell me,--but truly,--but then speak the truth,
Do you not love my sister?

In honour'd love.

But have you never found my brother's way
To the forfended place?

That thought abuses you.

I am doubtful that you have been conjunct
And bosom'd with her, as far as we call hers.

No, by mine honour, madam.

I never shall endure her: dear my lord,
Be not familiar with her.

Fear me not:--
She and the duke her husband!

[Enter, with drum and colours, Albany, Goneril, and Soldiers.]

[Aside.] I had rather lose the battle than that sister
Should loosen him and me.

Our very loving sister, well be-met.--
Sir, this I heard,--the king is come to his daughter,
With others whom the rigour of our state
Forc'd to cry out. Where I could not be honest,
I never yet was valiant: for this business,
It toucheth us, as France invades our land,
Not bolds the king, with others whom, I fear,
Most just and heavy causes make oppose.

Sir, you speak nobly.

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