Anthony Trollope: The Belton Estate


'Of course it does not.'

'But if your means are not sufficient for your wants I am quite ready to accept that reason as being sufficient for breaking our engagement.'

'There need be nothing of the kind.'

'As for waiting for the death of another person for your mother's death, I should think it very wrong. Of course, if our engagement stands there need be no hurry; but some time should be fixed.' Clara as she said this felt that her face and forehead were suffused with a blush; but she was determined that it should be said, and the words were pronounced.

'I quite think so too,' said he.

'I am glad that we agree. Of course, I will leave it to you to fix the time.'

'You do not mean at this very moment?' said Captain Aylmer, almost aghast.

'No; I did not mean that.'

'I'll tell you what. I'll make a point of coming down at Easter. I wasn't sure about it before, but now I will be. And then it shall be settled.'

Such was the interview; and on the next morning Captain Aylmer started for London. Clara felt, aware that she had not done or said all that should have been done and said; but, nevertheless, a step in the right direction had been taken.

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