Anthony Trollope: The Belton Estate


On this occasion her nephew and niece reached her together; the prim boy, with the white cotton gloves and the low four-wheeled carriage, having been sent down to meet Clara. For Mrs Winterfield was a lady who thought it unbecoming that her niece though only an adopted niece should come to her door in an omnibus. Captain Aylmer had driven the four-wheeled carriage from the station, dispossessing the boy, and the luggage had been confided to the public conveyance.

'It is very fortunate that you should come together,' said Mrs Winterfield. 'I didn't know when to expect you, Fred. Indeed, you never say at what hour you'll come.'

'I think it safer to allow myself a little margin, aunt, because one has so many things to do.'

'I suppose it is so with a gentleman,' said Mrs Winterfield. After which Clara looked at Captain Aylmer, but did not betray any of her suspicions. 'But I knew Clara would come by this train,' continued the old lady; 'so I sent Tom to meet her. Ladies always can be punctual; they can do that at any rate.' Mrs Winterfield was one of those women who have always believed that their own sex is in every respect inferior to the other.

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