Sir Francis Bacon: Essays of Francis Bacon

60. A Glossary of Archaic Words and Phrases

Abridgment: miniature

Absurd: stupid, unpolished

Abuse: cheat, deceive

Aculeate: stinging

Adamant: loadstone

Adust: scorched

Advoutress: adulteress

Affect: like, desire

Antic: clown

Appose: question

Arietation: battering-ram

Audit: revenue

Avoidance: secret outlet

Battle: battalion

Bestow: settle in life

Blanch: flatter, evade

Brave: boastful

Bravery: boast, ostentation

Broke: deal in brokerage

Broken: shine by comparison

Broken music: part music

Cabinet: secret

Calendar: weather forecast

Card: chart, map

Care not to: are reckless

Cast: plan

Cat: cate, cake

Charge and adventure: cost and risk

Check with: interfere

Chop: bandy words

Civil: peaceful

Close: secret, secretive

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