William Shakespeare: As You Like It

3. SCENE III. Another part of the Forest. (continued)

So please you, for I never heard it yet;
Yet heard too much of Phebe's cruelty.

She Phebes me: mark how the tyrant writes.
  'Art thou god to shepherd turn'd,
  That a maiden's heart hath burn'd?'

Can a woman rail thus?

Call you this railing?

  'Why, thy godhead laid apart,
   Warr'st thou with a woman's heart?'

Did you ever hear such railing?

  'Whiles the eye of man did woo me,
   That could do no vengeance to me.'--

Meaning me a beast.--

   'If the scorn of your bright eyne
   Have power to raise such love in mine,
   Alack, in me what strange effect
   Would they work in mild aspect?
   Whiles you chid me, I did love;
   How then might your prayers move?
   He that brings this love to the
   Little knows this love in me:
   And by him seal up thy mind;
   Whether that thy youth and kind
   Will the faithful offer take
   Of me and all that I can make;
   Or else by him my love deny,
    And then I'll study how to die.'

Call you this chiding?

Alas, poor shepherd!

Do you pity him? no, he deserves no pity.--Wilt thou love
such a woman?--What, to make thee an instrument, and play false
strains upon thee! Not to be endured!--Well, go your way to her,-
-for I see love hath made thee tame snake,--and say this to
her;--that if she love me, I charge her to love thee; if she will
not, I will never have her unless thou entreat for her.--If you
be a true lover, hence, and not a word; for here comes more


[Enter OLIVER.]

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