This is a new site from the developers of The Quotations Page. Its primary purpose is to make public-domain classic literature easier to read online. While many sites offer these titles for download or browsing, we're trying to create the best possible interface for reading them online.

Why does this site exist? I think every Web site should have to justify its existence. There are many online book sites out there - here are some of my motivations for creating yet another:

  • To create an online literature site with a unique focus on readability and usability.
  • To encourage the millions of visitors to The Quotations Page to read and enjoy classic literature instead of merely quoting it.
  • To encourage myself to read and enjoy classic literature instead of merely quoting it.
  • To create a site that offers exactly the books I and my friends want to read. (There is a benefit to being in charge.) Of course, I'd also like to keep the visitors happy, so let us know what you'd like to see here.
  • To create a site that supports itself with unobtrusive advertising like The Quotations Page does, and continue to make money doing what I enjoy.

Where do the books come from? While this site has been lots of work, it's nothing compared to the work done getting these books into text form in the first place. Most of our books are from Project Gutenberg - please support them, and visit their site for many more books.

This page is a placeholder - much more detail will be posted soon. In the meantime, enjoy the site! Contact me if you have any trouble using the site or if you have ideas for its future.

Michael Moncur, 2/19/2003

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